Dannebrog Foundation

The Dannebrog Foundation is a perpetual charitable foundation established by the Danish Club Dannebrog and is the largest foundation of its kind in Australia.

The basis for the foundation was laid on Queen Margrethe’s birthday, the 16th April 2008 in a signing ceremony attended by the Danish Ambassador Susanne Shine, Consul General Jan Ravnholt, the President of the Danish Club, Lars Hansen and the Club’s Committee and guardians.

By early 2009, the 120th anniversary of the foundation of the Danish Club in Melbourne, the Dannebrog Foundation received its full capital funding of close to 10 million dollars from the Danish Club Dannebrog.

The official launch of the Dannebrog Foundation took place on the 15th of June 2009, exactly 790 years after Dannebrog – according to the legend – fell from the sky during a critical stage in the Battle of Lyndanisse in Estonia, and coincided with the opening of Denmark House in Melbourne.

Dannebrog Foundation Deed of Trust (extract)


a) The Trustee shall hold the Trust Fund and the income of the Trust Fund derived in each Accounting Period on trust to pay or apply the income solely for the purpose of providing money, property or benefits for the following purposes which must be charitable at law:

b) In carrying out the purposes set out in paragraph (a) of this clause the Trustee may pay or apply income to:


No distribution shall be made from the capital of the Trust Fund.

Policies and rules

For the purpose of paying or applying the income or capital, the Trustee may:

  1. formulate policies;
  2. make rules in connection with a policy; and
  3. revoke or amend a policy or rule and formulate others.

Qualifications of Trustee

There shall be five Trustees in addition to ANZ Trustees Limited who shall consist of:

  1. The Danish Consul in Victoria from time to time or his nominee who must be a person of Danish descent;
  2. a person appointed by the Danish Consul in Victoria and the Danish Ambassador to Australia jointly;
  3. three Danish members of the Danish Club Dannebrog, appointed from time to time to by the Committee of the Danish Club Dannebrog.

Distribution of income

  1. The five Trustees other than ANZ Trustees Limited shall be solely responsible for deciding on how the income of the Trust Fund shall be distributed in accordance with [the purposes]
  2. Decisions in relation to distribution of income by the five Trustees shall be made by a majority of 4 out of the 5 trustees.

This is an extract from the Deed of Trust – Dannebrog Foundation. For further information please contact the Trustees of the Dannebrog Foundation, Denmark House, level 3, 428 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia

Dannebrog Foundation board of trustees

Lars Hansen, President, the Danish Club Dannebrog
Bent Peterson, Treasurer, the Danish Club Dannebrog
Sven Aage Andersen, Guardian, the Danish Club Dannebrog
Jan Ravnholt, Consul General to Denmark in Victoria
Paul Holdenson, QC

Dannebrog Foundation application process

In order for any application to be considered, it must be in writing, typed and signed by the applicant(s); and detail the specifics of the funding requested and how the funds will be applied and administered; who the direct beneficiaries are and if the funding may benefit other stakeholders in the Danish-Australian community; how and why the funding request satisfies the purposes of the Dannebrog Foundation; and what tangible measures or feedback will be provided to the foundation to quantify the actual outcome achieved from a successful application.

Dannebrog Foudation contact details

Applications must be addressed to:

“The Board of Trustees; Dannebrog Foundation”
Denmark House
Level 3, 428 Lt Bourke Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000