NEW Smørrebrød Menu

July 7th, 2016

We have started our new menu with 25 different pieces of smørrebrød available. Introducing our new must-try dessert smørrebrød ‘Danish toast (NOT FRENCH) with strawberries and elderflower marshmallow’  ‘Cinnamon dusted Danish toast with compressed apples’ Have a look at our full menu here Smørrebrød Lunch Menu



April 19th, 2016










…In all its glitter and glory – at Denmark House!


The world’s biggest and boldest song contest is back in all its glittery glory and goodness – this year in Stockholm. Skal!

Live from Stockholm, Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang return as hosts to present the political intrigue, amazing vocals and magical costumes of the 61st annual Eurovision Song Contest. Like last year in Copenhagen, Australia will compete again, the only non-European country.

Get the authentic Eurovision Experience right here in the heart of Melbourne CBD – on level 3, 428 Lt Bourke St at Denmark House. Spoiler Alert! This will not be a live event, as the live show is at 5am, so keep your eyes and ears as far away from social media and news until show time at Denmark House.

Kick back and relax with big-screen viewing in our Scandinavian lounge. Grab a beer, sip on a Eurovision Cocktail or select a few meals from our Danish and European inspired menu. Which country are you barracking for? Bring a table of your Scandinavian and European friends and let’Anchors really get the atmosphere going.

So gather your countrymen, friends and family and join the fun on
Sunday 15th of May
Finale begins 7.30 PM
Free Entry
Food and drinks is available from the bar
Level 3/428 Little Bourke Street
Tell us your coming on (03) 9600 4477
or via our Facebook event page

Goodbye Theresienstadt -Jiff

April 12th, 2016

Goodbye Theresienstadt by renowned Danish film maker Jonatan Jerichow, sequel to his successful 2013 movie, October ’43, is screening on 3 May at Classic Cinemas Elsternwick. Click here to purchase tickets and don’t forget to invite your family and friends too.

One of the most memorable films shown in Melbourne in 2013 was October ’43. A tense, factual account of the plight of Danish Jews during WWII, the movie tells the story of how the Danish resistance movement, widely supported by the rest of the population, managed to get over 7000 Danish Jews (95%) safely to Neutral Sweden before the occupying Germans had time to move against them. Beautifully told and with exquisite visuals, the film captures a proud moment of Danish history while providing a salient demonstration of the ideas of community and humanity against statehood and doctrine.

The Jewish International Film Festival (JIFF) is once again hosting Danish Film Maker Jonatan Jerichow as part of their 2016 Holocaust Film Series. This year’s screening presents Goodbye Theresienstadt, the sequel to October ’43, told from the point of view of the 470 Jews that didn’t make it across to safety. The film follows six Danish Jews seventy years after they were miraculously rescued and illustrates what Denmark did to save the Danish Jewish population, getting most of them to safety, and trying to protect those who were captured and interned.














Jonatan Jerichow






























Goodbye Theresienstadt is screening on 3 May at Classic Cinemas Elsternwick at 7.45pm, followed by a 30 minute Q&A session. Don’t miss this unique chance to see a Danish movie in Melbourne and meet with the director in person afterwards. We spoke to Jonatan about his new film and asked him a few questions:


Welcome back to Melbourne! Did you enjoy your last visit? How was October ’43, shown here at the Jewish International Film Festival in 2013, received?

Thank you! I definitely enjoyed my last visit. I am looking very much forward to visiting Melbourne again, and I am very grateful for the support from the Dannebrog Foundation. The screenings in Melbourne and Sydney were a great experience and I met many interesting people. So I am very excited about going back to the Classic Cinema in Elsternwick with this new documentary Goodbye Theresienstadt.

Your new movie Goodbye Theresienstadt is a sequel to October ’43. Why did you want to make a sequel to October ’43?

The story about the rescue of the Danish Jews is well known all over the world. But 472 Danish Jews never made it to safety in Sweden. They were deported to Theresienstadt but were miraculously saved in the end of the war. It is a less-known story that should be told as well.

How satisfied are you with this sequel? What different challenges as a writing and filming project did the sequel present?

To be honest, I am proud of the film we made. It has been screened at a number of festivals in the States – from New York to Hollywood – and received good reviews in Danish newspapers. 

Goodbye Theresienstadt is very different from October 43. The plot and the locations are different – and by going back to Theresienstadt, the viewers of the film will meet the survivors in the concentration camp where their childhood was destroyed.

Does the story of the Danish Jews and their escape or capture resonate in a contemporary context for you, or is this merely an act of recording the past?

I think it is always important to remember the past. The rescue of the Danish Jews is often being mentioned in the debate about the current refugee-crisis in Europe.

In your opinion, did this event irrevocably change Danish Culture? If so, how?

I think – and I hope – so. When the Danish Jews needed it the most, the civil society helped them. I hope that it has become a part of the Danish culture to help minorities when they need it. At least, the reference to the events in October 43 is important for the debate in Denmark.

As a Dane, do you subscribe to the ‘mythical’ idea of hygge? If so, how does hygge manifest for you?

Haha. For many Danes, hygge is a cornerstone of our culture. It is like scheduling a good time. Tonight it will be “hyggeligt”. For me, hygge is being with me girlfriend and our two beautiful daughters. Writing this, I have just returned from filming in Hungary in poor Roma-villages. Tomorrow morning, it will be “hyggeligt” when we are making pancakes before going to the kindergarten. 

What’s next for Jonatan Jerichow? Is this the last film on this event or are there other stories to tell?

There are so many stories to tell – I am in the early stages of several new documentary projects.

Valentine’s Day

January 28th, 2016

Celebrate Valentine’s Day this year in familiar surroundings, and say ‘Jeg Elsker Dig’ (I love you) in true Danish style. Our ‘Nordic cool’ atmosphere is relaxed, stylish and comfortable all you need for a romantic evening.

Unlike many other venues on Valentine’s Day, Denmark House offer a la carte choices so your Valentine can get exactly what he/she wants, and best of all there is no hefty price attached. Furthermore we offer several seatings every 30 min from 6pm to 9.30 pm, so get organised early, book before everyone else and get prime time seats.

As a little extra touch for Valentine, only the ‘paying guest’ will receive a menu showing the prices, (please provide information upon booking) and goodie bags will be handed out at farewell.

Book over the phone (03) 9600 4477 or via email

See the menu here

See the wine list here

Paul Cunningham @ Dansk -Living Danishly

January 27th, 2016

The Danes have been voted the happiest people in the world, but are they really? International Michelin Star chef Paul Cunningham is born in England but has lived in Denmark most his adult life. Hear his honest opinion of the Danes, how they truly are! Are they really as happy as everyone claims? Or is it purely an act? If not what is it that makes them so happy?

Cunningham will also talk about his culinary journey, from being a young fellow from the UK arriving in Copenhagen to today. So far he has 1 Michelin Star under his wings, 24.4k followers on Instagram, published several cookbooks and more. He is a reclaimed Star Wars fan, photojo and wanderer.

There is no doubt this culinary event will be educational, diverse, fun, eye opening and borderline rude all at the same time. So please join us at Dansk @ Denmark House for a spectacular and interactive event with Chef Cunningham from Henne Kirkeby Kro located in the remote West Coast of Denmark.

There will be a Q&A session where you will get a chance to ask Cunningham your own burning questions. One event has already sold out, so we recommend you book early.

Watch a video about Henne Kirkeby kro here

Watch a video about Denmark House here












Paul Cunningham @ Dansk -Living Danishly

Tuesday March 8th

5.30 – 7.30 PM

Level 3, 428 Llittle Bourke Street (corner of Queen)

$60 per person (all inclusive) *15% discount for members of the Danish club

Cunningham Canapés and selected beverages

Book online here

03 9600 4477

Glædelig Jul / Merry Christmas

December 18th, 2015

Denmark House is closed between the 23rd of December to the 11th of January. Thank you for all your support and see you in 2016. Happy Holidays

Gala Ball, Annual Red-Carpet Event

November 13th, 2015

Book your ticket and go into a draw of winning a signed copy of Swedish Chef, Magnus Nilsson latest release ‘The Nordic Cookbook’

Get your ticket
Download the menu



6.30 PM Arrival
Oyster bar and drinks
50’s DJ

7.15 PM Official Opening
Aquavit for the toast

7.30 PM Festivities Continues
Selected canapés
Wine,  beer and cocktails
Surprise entertainment

9.30 PM Finish > After Party in The Bar

Dress code: Black Tie
Gentlemen: Suit and tie
Ladies: Cocktail dress
Colours: Black and white with a splash of red

Magnus Nilsson at Denmark House

November 10th, 2015

magnusmag2Please join Denmark House and Phaidon as Magnus Nilsson celebrates the launch of his latest release, The Nordic Cookbook. Inspired by his travels throughout Nordic countries – Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden – this beautiful volume is richly illustrated with Magnus’s personal photography and unravels the mysteries of Nordic ingredients as well as describing Nordic culinary history and regional cooking techniques. The Nordic Cookbook offers an unprecedented look at the rich culinary offerings of the Nordic region with 650 simple recipes.

Monday 23rd of November 6-8pm
Price: $75, includes a copy of The Nordic Cookbook, canapés inspired by The Nordic Cookbook and a selection of drinks
Tickets available through online booking or by phoning (03) 9600 4477

Book now 

Father’s Day

August 1st, 2015


Our new monthly buffet in September is this year falling on Father’s Day – Enjoy this wonderful day with the entire family at Restaurant Dansk.

Sunday September 6th
12 – 2.30 pm (Buffet 12.30 – 2 PM)


BOOK 9600 4477


25% off our last monthly buffet

May 28th, 2015

imagegen.ashxSaturday, June 6th we are hosting our very last monthly of its kind. We are therefore offering a full 25% discount on the price to make this last buffet go out with a bang! This means that you will only pay $45 instead of $60 as a Danish Club member or $52.5 instead of $70 as a non-member or guest.

But don’t worry, we are happy to announce that we in August we will be introducing our new designed Danish monthly buffet. More information are to come over the next couple of months.

You can book your ticket to this last buffet on 9600 4477. 

We need a minimum of 25 people attending for this buffet to go ahead.

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