Craft beer, Danish classic beer on tap or bottled, Danish produced gin and wine, you name it… Our Akvavit Bar offers it all and of course both our traditional  and newer akvavit types.

In fact, we have the biggest selection of akvavit in the Southern Hemisphere! It comes with a complete akvavit guide so guests can pair their food with just the right spirits. We also have a range of Danish craft beer, including the well known Mikkeller, as well as local craft beers on offer. Danish wines are also on offer as well as a Danish produced gin.

On a Friday night, our Akvavit Bar is open for drinks and we serve cocktails reminiscent of Denmark like the popular Copenhagen Cocktail and our dessert-flavoured Koldskaal Cocktail named after the Danish food of summer made with buttermilk, vanilla and lemon.


Try our Flight to CPH which matches four mini-smørrebrød with four akvavits, or the Boilermaker: a mini-smørrebrød matched with an akvavit and a Danish craft beer on tap.

Our Akvavit boards are a chance for guests to sample a variety of akvavits available at Denmark House. The boards were handcrafted by Copenhagen-based wood crafter Adrien Barowski-Morley using the best oak and woodworking techniques.

Enjoy our Flight to CPH or Boilermaker in the Akvavit Bar during evening service.

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