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Mortens Aften 

Every year duck (or goose), potatoes and gravy are served for dinner in Danish households in celebration of the legend of Saint Martin before the Feast of Saint Martin on 11 November.

To commemorate this Danish tradition Denmark House serves duck on the dinner menu all through November.In Danish folklore Martin of Tours (Morten Bisp) was a holy man who cured the sick and helped the poor. He lived a pious life as a monk in Tours where the citizens wanted to elect him bishop.

Martin wasn’t interested and to avoid becoming bishop he hid among the geese. But the geese cackled, revealing Martin’s hiding spot and he was forcibly appointed bishop of Tours. To get one up on the geese, Martin of Tours made all households kill and eat at least one goose every year on the day he was found among the geese. He died in France in November 397 and was buried in Tours on 11 November.

Anyone with a taste for duck and Danish culture is invited to partake in Denmark House’s take on this ageold Danish tradition to celebrate the Feast of Saint Martin.

Duck is served at Denmark House all through November.  

Good Beer Week

Melbourne’s popular annual beer event is a nine-day celebration of all things frothy and hoppy. Starting in 2011, it offers the best of 50 of Melbourne’s best pubs – with the Akvavit Bar at Denmark House being one of them.

Come and sample our vast array of beer – from classic Danish beer on tap or bottled to our range of Danish craft beer, including the well known Mikkeller, and local craft beer.


Although the international Eurovision Song Contest is primarily a European affair, Australia has long had a passionate love affair with it, and even managed to participate successfully in it for the last couple of years.

At Denmark House we love getting into the Eurovision vibe and channeling our inner singer so join us for this fun annual event, usually around May. 

Short history lesson: The annual song competition started  in the 1950s and features primarily European participants each submitting an original song performed live and transmitted via the national broadcasters of the competing countries who cast votes for the other countries’ songs to determine a winner.

First in best dressed.


The day of the year when Denmark’s famous brewery Tuborg – yes, nearly as famous in Denmark as Carlsberg is in the world – releases its annual Christmas beer – a popular and eagerly awaited event.

‘J’ stands for ‘Jul’ or Christmas in Danish. 

Originally the day was devised as a beer related alternative to the celebration of the annual release of the French red wine Beaujolais which since the 1970s has been transported from France to Denmark by its keen fans under sharp media attention. 

Come celebrate the arrival of the beer with us as Denmark House where we also enjoy the event, a relative newcomer in a Danish traditional context.  

First in best dressed.

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