Our Akvavit Bar offers a variety of Danish craft beers and traditional akvavit.

We have the biggest selection of Aquavit in the Southern Hemisphere as well as some very unique Nordic cocktails, bar snacks and Danish pastry.

Relax with a coffee or an after work drink in our Akvavit Bar and experience Danish hygge.


A Dry Spirit, Native To Scandinavia, Made From Redistilled Grain Or Potato Alcohol And Usually Fl Avoured With Caraway Seeds. 35 To 45% Abv.

Enjoy with nearly everything

Rød Aalborg 1863
Sharp and clean flavours of caraway seeds with orange undertone.

Aalborg Jubilæum 1946
Rounded flavours of dill, oak and coriander.

The Danish Club Australian Made Akvavit
Clean, soft with notes of caraway and anise

Enjoy with seafood

Dild Akvavit
Smooth and elegant fl avours of fresh green dill, lemon and a hint of anise.

Krone Akvavit
Balanced flavours of dill, caraway and coriander with a sense of cracked pepper.

Hr. Skov Blåbær
Smooth and elegant berry infused akvavit.

Enjoy with pork

Smooth flavours of rosemary, caraway, pine & sherry. Distilled from amber, fossilised tree resin.

Harald Jensen 1863
Spicy and complex flavours of anise, allspice and ginger.

Enjoy with beef & duck

MAMA Brændevin
Brændevin is the old school way of making akvavit. Using old methods and adding a small amount of sugar, this makes for an outstanding drink.

Brøndum 1916
Clean flavours of caraway with tones of liquorice, cloves and yellow flowers.

Enjoy with cheese

Kummen Aquavit 1850
Spicy flavours of caraway, anise, cinnamon and orange.

Gammel Dansk 1964 (an absolute classic)
Contains 28 different spices including angelica root and rowanberries. This is a bitters.

1 Enkelt 2001
Contains 9 spices in total. Orange and liquorice are the two that stand out the most. This bitters won the award ‘World’s Best Bitters 2002’.

Hr. Skov Valnød
Subtle in flavour, infused over two years with walnut

Enjoy with dessert

Aalborg Porse 1965
Flavours of porse, rosemary, sherry and oak. Delivers a slight bitter finish

Aalborg Export 1913
Golden and elegant with a beautiful finish of Madeira